Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Study and Practice Book for Ages 8-9 (Year 4)



ISBN: 9781839251313
Published by: Foxton Books
Author: Jackie Walls
Pages: 112
Release Date: 8 January 2024
Dimensions: 210 mm x 297 mm
Packaged Dimensions: 230 mm x 340 mm x 10 mm 
Weight: 445 grams 
Packaged Weight: 500 grams 

The Foxton Years 3 and 4 Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) Study and Practice Books complement each other,  dividing the lower key stage SPaG curriculum between them, so as to cover all the recommended learning objectives for this age range.

This book is divided into helpful sections:

1. Sound Spelling – revisits and practises the SPaG curriculum up to and including Year 4 to help students to spell a wider
vocabulary. It looks at letter sounds and new vocabulary that use these sounds.
2. Wonderful Words – adds to the spelling tips and rule reminders about prefixes, suffixes, word families, homophones and more.
3. Strong Sentences – helps to develop students’ ability to connect sentences, understand how to use fronted adverbials and develop their grammar use.
4. Tidy Text – offers students tips about how to use paragraphs to structure their writing, making it more organised and meaningful, whilst writing in the correct tenses.
5. Powerful Punctuation –focuses on different types of punctuation and its effect and how to use inverted commas.

Key Year 4 spellings (words in blue font) are employed throughout the book along with selected vocabulary from the Year 4 Science, History and Geography curricula to teach SPaG. Self-assessment quizzes after each section help students to revisit what they have learned. Answers to the practice exercises and quizzes allow students to check their understanding and celebrate success with their helpers along the way.

Weight450 g
Dimensions297 × 210 × 10 mm