KS1 Spelling Study and Practice Book for Ages 6-7 (Year 2)



ISBN: 9781839251283
Published by: Foxton Books
Author: Jackie Walls
Pages: 34
Release Date: 24 April 2023
Dimensions: 210 mm x 297 mm
Packaged Dimensions: 230 mm x 340 mm x 10 mm 
Weight: 162 grams 
Packaged Weight: 250 grams 

This book builds on KS1 word and spelling knowledge. Age-appropriate and challenging activities introduce, practise and assess spelling using a selection of puzzles, questions and quizzes linked to the National Curriculum objectives. These help to motivate students, promote spelling progress and support next-step learning
with the familiar Foxton Letters Lane Team.

Self-assessment opportunities throughout the book positively encourage, recognise and celebrate success along the way.

• Spelling Study and Practice Book for Year 2 (Ages 6-7)
• Packed with motivational and age-appropriate activities
Self-assessment and spelling quizzes

Aligned with the English National Curriculum, our fun activities support learning with regular opportunities for self-assessment and topic revision to help with progress and future learning steps.

Working at the child’s pace and with regular praise and encouragement, have fun learning with Foxton!

Weight250 g
Dimensions297 × 210 × 10 mm