KS1 Phonics Study and Practice Book for Ages 4-6 (Reception -Year 1)



ISBN: 9781839251252
Published by: Foxton Books
Author: Jackie Walls
Pages: 32
Release Date: 24 April 2023
Dimensions: 210 mm x 297 mm
Packaged Dimensions: 230 mm x 340 mm x 10 mm 
Weight: 162 grams 
Packaged Weight: 250 grams 

Our first Phonics Study and Practice Book supports the KS1 early introduction of sounds and letters for reading and spelling. The Letters Lane Team helps children to recognise, say and write letter names and sounds, practise segmenting and blending as well as learn to read and spell High-Frequency and Tricky words using engaging questions, quizzes and puzzles.

Many schools use daily Phonics in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 to teach children how to become good readers and accurate spellers. Phonics teaches children to recognise individual letter sounds and sounds made by groups of letters. It teaches children to break down or segment words into their separate sounds and blend these sounds back together to read the whole word. Blending and segmenting is essential when learning to read and spell.

The Letters Lane Team helps your child to recognise, say and write letter names and sounds, to blend and segment words to read and spell some of the common High-Frequency and Tricky Words. Supporting Phases 1 – 3+, this book encourages your child to begin their Phonics journey. Be sure to continue and develop their learning journey from Phases 3 – 6 with our Phonics Workbook 2.

Have fun learning with Foxton!

Weight250 g
Dimensions297 × 210 × 10 mm