KS1 Spelling Study and Practice Book for Ages 5-6 (Year 1)



ISBN: 9781839251276
Published by: Foxton Books
Author: Jackie Walls
Pages: 32
Release Date: 24 April 2023
Dimensions: 210 mm x 297 mm
Packaged Dimensions: 230 mm x 340 mm x 10 mm 
Weight: 162 grams 
Packaged Weight: 250 grams 

Our first Spelling Study and Practice Book introduces and practises age-appropriate English spelling rules for Year 1. Using a selection of questions, quizzes and puzzles linked to the National Curriculum objectives, our book motivates students, promotes spelling progress and supports next-step learning with the familiar Foxton Letters Lane Team.

Self-assessment opportunities throughout the book positively encourage, recognise and celebrate success along the way.

• Spelling Study and Practice Book for Year 1 (Ages 5–6)
• Motivational, age-appropriate activities
Self-assessment and spelling quizzes

Our colourful spelling activity books help children in Key Stage 1 to learn English spelling rules. With helpful tips on every page, clear instructions and our familiar Letters Lane Team, children develop their knowledge of letters and words to become accurate spellers.

Aligned with the English National Curriculum, our fun activities support learning with regular opportunities for self-assessment and topic revision to help with progress and future learning steps.

Working at the child’s pace and with regular praise and encouragement, have fun learning with Foxton!

Weight250 g
Dimensions297 × 210 × 10 mm