The Essential 11+ Verbal Reasoning Study & Practice Book

For GL Assessment

Key Features

This book offers a comprehensive guide to mastering the 21 GL Verbal Reasoning question types used by many selective schools and local authorities. With over 600 questions, it is designed to support students in Year 5 or 6 who are preparing for an 11 + examination and provides a unique insight into how these 21 question types form families with common skills.

Packed with tips, explanations and examples, the book builds understanding and confidence in approaching even the most challenging questions. There are extensive opportunities to tackle realistic questions, in both multiple choice and open answer forms, with over 600 questions, as well as games and activities to develop understanding.

  • Learn how to tackle all 21 types of GL questions with 84 practice sections and over 460 questions and exercises.
  • Unpick and develop the competencies you need to succeed with skills games for every question type.
  • Try both multiple choice and open answer questions or even challenge yourself with our extension tasks.
  • Discover the question type families, how questions are related to each other and how you can develop transferable skills.
  • Test yourself with 4 Practice Papers covering all 21 types of question, with over 140 exam-level questions.

Question Types

Each question type is explained, with tips and examples. For each type, there is a skills section which helps develop understanding of how to approach these questions, followed by Multiple choice and Open answer questions. Finally, there is a challenge, or Extension section which offers tougher questions. Overall, the book contains over 460 skills practice questions.

Focus on Families

GL questions are split into types, but there are many links between these. Understanding how questions test the same skills will help children tackle multiple questions by enabling them to transfer understanding of one task to another.
The Focus on Families section explains these links clearly and suggests games and activities to reinforce understanding.

Practice Papers

There are four timed Practice Papers which test all the GL question types, with 140 questions in total.

A Comprehensive Answer Key

Answers are provided, with explanations where appropriate, for all Question Type and Practice Paper questions.