Teacher's Notes

This resource pack contains teacher’s notes, carefully graded quizzes and worksheets that have been designed to help you and your students make the most of the learning opportunities that come from reading the stories in our Foxton Readers series. See an excerpt below:

teachers notes


Grammar, vocabulary and comprehension quizzes test your students' knowledge and understanding at each level and give you the opportunity to explain further if necessary. Answers are given to quizzes so they can be given for self-study or during class. If used in class there is scope for using the quizzes in teams or groups to add a competitive fun element. Quizzes should be used after the book has been completed as they draw on language and knowledge encountered in the story. See an excerpt below:



The worksheets include a variety of activities that have been designed to aid comprehension and maximise learning before, during and after reading the story. Times given for each activity are approximate and will vary depending on your class and the time available. Activities are designed to be flexible so that you can adjust them to your particular learning environment. See excerpts of before, while and after reading activities below:

Before Reading Activities

These activities will serve to introduce your students to the topic and context of the story. They are best done in pairs or small groups and it is important to remember that there are no right or wrong answers at this point. Students should be encouraged to be imaginative and to predict what they think they will read in the story. This will provide a motive for reading, aid understanding when they begin to read and allow you to provide any essential vocabulary.

before reading

While Reading Activities

Students can complete the activities while they are reading but will need to check them at regular intervals during class time. This will allow you to monitor progress and clear up any misunderstandings as they arise. Where appropriate encourage alternative interpretations but be clear that students should find support from the text if they disagree. This is an important transferable skill that promotes a critical reading of the text.


After Reading Activities

Speaking, writing, games and discussions are suggested as extension activities to provide practice of both the language and content of the story. The activities provide plenty of opportunity for students to work collaboratively and share the work they produce thus encouraging an independent approach and increasing confidence in their own abilities. See an excerpt below:

after reading1

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