The Little Prince


ISBN: 978-1-911481-42-3
Author: Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Published: 2019
Retold by: C.S. Woolley
Illustrated by: Anna Gantimurova
Headwords: 400
Level: 1
Pages: 52
Release Date: 26 August 2019
A man meets the Little Prince in the desert. The man crashed his aeroplane. The Little Prince is from space. He lives on a little planet. It is called Asteroid 325. The Asteroid has good and bad seeds on it. Good plants grow from the good seeds. Bad plants grow from the bad seeds. He needs a sheep to eat the bad plants. One day, a rose grew from a good seed. The Little Prince fell in love with the rose. Then the rose lied to him. The Little Prince left his planet because he was lonely. He set out on a journey to visit other planets and find some new friends. This is the story about the adventures of the Little Prince.

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