Pre-Intermediate Turkish Short Stories (A2) with quizzes and free online audio NEW!


ISBN: 9781839250569
Dimensions: A5 (210 mm x 148 mm)
Pages: 112 pages
Text: Umit Can Umut
Concept: Yusuf Buz
Illustrations: Merve Oztemel
Designer: Maryke Goldie
Cover Design: Mark Harris
Series Editor: Yusuf Buz
Release Date: 12 March 2021

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Foxton’s Turkish Graded Readers are a series of carefully graded books aimed at Turkish learners of beginner to advanced levels. They are based on a comprehensive grammar and vocabulary framework to match each ability level and to ensure each learner progresses. These readers come with beautiful illustrations to help readers gain a better understanding of the story and make books more fun and easier to read. There is also a QR code on the front cover that gives instant and free access to the full audio recording of the stories.

Pre-Intermediate Turkish Short Stories (A2) is the second book of the series. It is divided into 6 chapters, which include stories based on real-life situations such as cooking, camping and shopping in order to help you understand and learn more Turkish vocabulary and phrases.

In order to test and consolidate readers’ understanding, grammar and vocabulary skills, we have included comprehension, grammar and vocabulary quizzes at the end of each story.

Each level of readers has a limited number of headwords as demonstrated on the table on the back cover. Words that are essential to the understanding of the story are given at the bottom of the page with their meaning in English. Some words are supported with pictures to aid memory retention. There is also a complete dictionary at the back of the book.

This reader is perfectly aligned with our bestselling book of Turkish Grammar in Practice. This A2 reader will be best understood when you cover the following units in the Turkish Grammar in Practice book:

Ünite 1 – 7
Ünite 10 – 20
Ünite 26 – 30
Ünite 37 – 39
Ünite 41 – 43
Ünite 48 – 51
Ünite 57 – 62
Ünite 65
Ünite 70
Ünite 78
Ünite 93 – 98
Grammar Essentials Ünite 1 – 15

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