ISBN: 978-1-911481-51-5
Author: Johanna Spryi
Published: 2019
Illustrated by: Anna Gantimurova (cover) Pavel Bulgakov (inner)
Headwords: 600
Level: Level 2
Pages: 54
Release Date: 26 August 2019

Heidi is an orphan. She goes to live with her aunt, Dete. But Dete does not want to take care of Heidi. Dete wants to focus on her work. She is moving to Frankfurt. Dete took Heidi to live with
her grandfather. Heidi was only five. Her grandfather lived on the top of a mountain. He was a good man. He didn’t trust other people. He lived in a cottage outside of the village. He didn’t
send Heidi to school. Heidi played in the mountains. She met Peter, the shepherd. He looked after the goats. Dete came back to get Heidi. She took Heidi to Frankfurt. Heidi was eight. Dete
wanted Heidi to learn. She took her to live with a girl. The girl was called Klara. Heidi learned to read. She did not like living with Klara’s teacher. She missed the mountains.

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