Gulliver’s Travels


ISBN: 978-1-911481-59-1
Author: Jonathan Swift
Published: 2019
Retold by: C.S. Woolley
Illustrated by: Olga Anatolyevna Gavrilova
Headwords: 600
Level: 2
Pages: 52
Release Date: 26 August 2019

Gulliver was a sailor. He made a lot of money trading on the seas, but his money was no help when he was shipwrecked.

He had two adventures in two strange lands. He visited the kingdom of Lilliput and the empire of Blefuscu. All the people were only six inches tall. He lived there for a while but it was dangerous. He escaped and found a ship to take him back to England.

He made some money and went to sea again. He had landed on an island of giants. Gulliver found out what the Lilliputians felt like around him. He was made to do tricks, but the queen saved him. The country was called Brobdingnag. It was very big. The people that lived there never left the island. They didn’t believe that there were millions of people like Gulliver that lived across the sea.

Gulliver brought many things back to England from his adventures. He gave some to museums. He sold others. When he got home, his wife said he wasn’t to go to sea again.

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