Foxton’s 300 11 Plus Vocabulary Flash Cards with Synonyms & Antonyms


ISBN : 9781911481478
Authors : Mark Harris and C. S. Woolley
Pages : 300 cards
Level : Year 4 and above
Release Date : 07 December 2018
Dimensions : Width 10.5 cm Length 13 cm Height 7.5 cm
Weight : 780 grams
Wrapped Dimensions : Width 12 cm Length 15 cm Height 8 cm
Wrapped Weight : 810 grams


All organized alphabetically for convenience, the flash cards present the target word and its parts of speech on the front and definitions, contextual sentences, and synonyms on the back.

Selected by highly experienced 11 plus tutors, the flash cards are a priceless learning resource that can be used by learners in Year-4 and above.

The flash cards also come with a metal sorting ring, allowing learners to carry them around and study on the go. They also come in a luxury box with high quality durable cardboard, so they can last longer and hold out against rips and tears.

Main features:

  • 300 target words essential for the 11 plus exam
  • Definitions and parts of speech
  • 750 contextual sentences
  • 1515 synonyms
  • 1029 antonyms
  • Perfect for students in Year-4 and above
  • An enclosed metal sorting ring to arrange select cards for study on the go
  • High quality and durable cardboard box so that the cards can last longer and hold out against rips and tears.
Weight 850 g
Dimensions 130 × 105 × 75 mm